Directing:  Theater

New York:

The Good Life (a/k/a: Slackley Manor) (pilot presentation)

My Bitter Valentine
Blue Apples, Artemis, Two Be or Knot, Redux, Ladies' Night

A Moving Story

Ensemble Studio Theatre: Octoberfest 2009
Ensemble Studio Theatre: Member Project 2003
Manhattan Class Company
Grove Street Playhouse

Finalist: Samuel French Short Play Contest

Los Angeles:

The Good Life (a/k/a: Slackley Manor) (pilot presentation)

Watching the Zamboni, by John Harrington Bland
Unified Theory
Unclean Hands
White Blight
The Bidner Wife, by Valerie Long
Mal Amour
Playa Vega

HBO Workspace

Elephant Theater
Lillian Theater
Lillian Theater
The Hidden Theater
The Coast Playhouse
Matrix Theater
Slap & Tickle at The Lillian
Black Dahlia Theatre
The Coast Playhouse